Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Man Flu

Yesterday I had a rather nasty little pain in my throat, not exactly going to make me break down and cry, after all I'm a man, but annoying, particularly around any time I had to swallow something, which being a greedy fat bloke, tends to happen quite a bit. 

Towards the end of yesterday the nose was getting clogged, the occasional sneeze was drifting into the equation. It was the kind of one nostril blockage (the left one if anyone's interested) and blowing it ended up hurting my throat all over again.

This morning I wake up, and bam (bam? Thta's the best word I could think of? Seriously??) it's here. The throat has teamed up with the head, who've run a triple play with the nose (still a solitary nostril though, the right one must be like a resistance cell against the virus. Vive la resistance!) and given me a cold. But as no doubt I'll be told within 67 seconds of sniffing once in the office today, it's not a cold, not even a heavy cold, it's...

Man Flu

Now, beyond being uncomfortable, the cold wont really bother me all that. Few lost seconds finding a tissue maybe, few extra puffs on my asthma inhaler certainly. But I can be certain, if I do show any sign of weakness every woman for 3 floors around will break into the traditional, "Oh look at him, he's got man flu, it's only a code big baby, men are rubbish when they're ill... blah blah friggin blah" lines! 'Cos of course a woman's never overreacted to an illness ever.

In fact I'm sure I remember reading that men actually can hold up a little better than women on times. But bring that up and then childbirth rears it's head. I'm sure childbirth is hell, but so is being hit in the nuts with a cricket ball. I'll never understand the pain of squeezing one out, women will never understand the pain of being bowled middle stump with a corgi ball. 

There are kidney stones, which by all accounts have comparable pain levels, but that can happen to either of us (and indeed it was suspected I had them til it turned out to be appendicitis) and I'm not fancying getting them just for a comparison. 

My plan for the morning is basically, get off train (I am on the train this time), go to boots, get tablets, go to work. No cold will stop me, slow me down yes but not stop me.

On a better note, the house is coming along better, we have a bed, a settee and having sky fitted today. The furniture is gradually being moved in and the kitchen may be done today! Woo-hoo! Well that's if I can manage to carry any of it, or I may be stricken down with my near fatal case of the sniffles. 

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