Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Apprentice!

It's that time of year again, the (apparently) most acceptable form of reality TV has hit our screens. The 12(?) week long advert for how great Lord Sugar is upon us, The Apprentice!

Only coupled with the amstrad love, this year he's got a book out which no doubt will be written into the subtext of as many episodes as he can force. Mentions of his past will creep in, prompting people to think, hmmm amazon.

The list of candidates appear to be... questionable. The men has a leader who's CV must have town crier on it at some point. The guy was loud, pointless and annoying. One of them I've felt the urge to slap since the moment he opened his gob. This fecker (Stuart?) even has hair that looks like he wants to be Wolverine, what a dick!

The women's team seems far more sensible but at this stage that usually is the case, as men are far more eager to look stupid on TV. But to be fair, the final scenes in the house made them all look like dicks. I've always been a fan of the apprentice, even if not of the whole reality TV genreThis series better get better!!

On Alibi at the same time as the BBC's version of Big Brother (Well it is) is the excellent Castle. Nathan Fillion the ever charismatic lead feels fresh and interesting, even though it's not particularly!

I'll continue to watch The Apprentice no doubt, as it typically does get more interesting... Hmmm yeah I'm sure.

In personal news, I'm in the new house! No longer (a version of I suppose, I admitted the melodramatic nature of the statement aaaaaaaages ago) homeless. We have water, sky, power and lots of belongings we can't quite track down yet but "Must be in there somewhere". Won't be long we'll be able to class ourselves as 'moved in'! I may even celebrate finding my xbox, that is when we do find my xbox, not happened yet, by getting myself the F1 game. Looks like it rocks.

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