Sunday, 3 October 2010

Getting late but wide awake

There are some days it happens to everyone I'm sure, but today it's my turn. The local time is 1:20am, but I am awake as awake can be. Not even watching league two football on the creatively titled, 'football league programme' could dampen my state of absolute awakeness, so I though my blog must but a good percentage of the readers to sleep, let's see if writing one does the same for me!

Late nights do give you the chance to discover some wonderful things. Last night, while I'll be honest it wasn't all that late, I was treated to Giant Shark Vs Mega Octopus on Syfy (why the spelling I don't know, but I get the idea). I can honestly say I've never seen a film like it.... DREADFUL, awful acting, a romance subplot about as believable as an X-Factor sob story, a plot written by a 9 year old for a school homework project... oh dear. It was followed by something to do with fire which was apparently created by good old Bill Shatner and starred Xander from Buffy, but i didn't have the heart to watch it.

Tonight is better, after football I've found the excellent Children of Men on ITV4, much better indeed! Still get the same half life 2 vibe from teh last 3/4 of an hour or so now as I did when it first came out, superb stuff.

All that follows me pay day treating myself to teh Wrath of the Lich King expansion for WoW, I'm officially up to date! Now if I didn't suck at it so badly, I'd be in!

I'm pleased to announce my without-a-home days are officially numbered, most of the house is now habitable, carpets 80% down, kitchen workable but lacking tiles, we purchased a new kingsize bed today form Ikea. It's a matter of days, always a good sign is the sky is being installed Tuesday! Can't have a new house without a shiny new HD box now can you, although I did decline the £250 upgrade to a Tb box, OTT I feel!

Anyway I shall go take my many many tablets, oh the life of a diabetic, n try to sleep now.

Sweet dreams y'all

Oh and please forgive any spelling faux pas, I'm used to Chrome spell checking as I go, this is on IE8 and it doesn't!! Must upgrade tomorrow!

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