Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I've got a new toy!!

I'm quite a gadgety, computery type of person (neither real words), and so there are few things quite as exciting as having a brand new toy to play with!! I'm proud to announce now is one of those times.

I had an old nertbook a while ago, which I used to death essentially, the pathetic battery life meant I had to carry the charger and eventually things got broken, tears were wept, a cupboard had new content and I was computerless on the commute to work. Which also coincided with a drop in productivity on this blog, I used to post in the mornings and then obviously couldn't (apart from on effort from the iPhone, what a chore).

Anyway, yesterday I popped down to my local electrical store (Currys actually...) and picked up my shiny new netbook!! I am now the owner of a Packard Bell dot s-can't remember the model number! Woo-hoo! Take a look, isn't she perdy (for a computer)?

Not a great spec, but it's a netbook, I'm going to use it for exactly what I'm using it for now and the 8 hour battery (believe it when I see it) means I'm not carrying the AC adaptor! A great spec isn't required. Yes I'm a couple of hundred pound light (not round the waist, still fat there!) but it's something I will use!

So far so good too, all seems to run ok, quite quick, as it's new, the keyboard is taking some getting used too as it's bigger than the other netbooks, but smaller than the laptops. So it's whole new territory. My apologies in advance for the typos, unless I've already made them, then you have my retrospective apologies, you nitpicking bastard :)

Anyway, I'm sat on a bus in traffic, late for work due to an erratic iPhone, yesterday the alarm goes off an hour early, obviously BST/GMT confused. Today? Silence. I wake up 70 minutes late and.. oh dear.

Anyway I'm going to play with my new toy... Hmmm Firefox or Chrome, or shall I try IE9...

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