Thursday, 30 September 2010


Having a scan through wikipedia this morning, as you do, and I came across the distressing news that the sequel to the masterpiece "Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog" has all but been cancelled! It's officially been put to the back burner while Joss Whedon works on the 2012 Avengers 3D film. Avengers?? Seriously?? I know what I'd rather he makes, but money talks I suppose even for geeks like Joss. I've always thought the vast majority of marvel/dc/general superhero films have been pants and this wont be any different, and unless Fillion/Day/Harris are going to Dennis Waterman the theme tune, I'm just not interested.

Usually I'm dead against sequels/remakes/reissues etc, they have their place and on occasion can be great (Back to the Future, Aliens) but so much of the time are rushed cheap pieces of cash in crap (Starship Troopers 2, The Ring 2, Caddyshack 2, Scary Movie anything). The only thing worse is hopeless cash ins on the same material, this brings me to one of the biggest culprits and the person who made think up all this rubbish, George "I love jar jar" Lucas.

Now the reason I didn't mention Star Wars in either of the above lists is simple, it's both! The 'first' 3 films amazing, the 'second' lot of shit was an insult to my eyes (apart from the last hour of episode 3). The news broke yesterday that he must need some new UPVC windows put in on Skywalker (seriously get over it) ranch so guess what's coming out again... Star Wars, all the way from 1-6 starting with the crap and fighting it's way through to the good, only this time...wait for it... I'm building up pointless tension as everyone has no doubt already read it... in 3D. Ever wanted to really get a good look at Mark Hamills scarring? Ever wanted to get so close to Wedge you'd be the one telling him to cut the chatter? Ever wanted to get so close to Binks you it feels like you could destroy him? No? Me neither. Well maybe the last one. It's another hopeless cash in and I don't like it!

Over the years I've bought the Videos, the widescreen videos, the special anniversary edition remastered DVDs, I've paid money to watch in the cinema (eps 1-3, how old do you think I am??). Now good old George wants me to pay the cinema cash plus 3D supplement again, then no doubt buy the special edition DVDs. The only 3D Star Wars I ever want to see is the 3 minute segment from the Family Guy episode, and I already have that on DVD too! FFS.

It's not just him, only a few weeks ago a friend emailed me to ask if I wanted to go see Avatar that night in the cinema. Now I saw Avatar when it was in first, yes Pocahontas in space it was, but it was a damn good Pocahontas in space, and the 3D element really helped it along, overall well done, enjoyed it. But this was the special edition, sit through all 2+ hours again, but this time with about 9 mins of extra CG shagging added. Ummm no thanks. A perfect example of cashing in.

Tomorrow Back to the Future is out in cinemas again. Back to the firigging Future FFS,  a remastered special anniversary edition too. Will the slightly tarted up graphics help the film, did the film even need any help, it's a work of art, a masterpiece. Will I go see it... yeah probably.... Well it's only it's first reissue, and I don't have them all on DVD...

God I'm such a hypocrite on times.

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