Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The end

Hello everyone/anyone.

I've considered doing a blog for a while, convinced that nobody will ever read it. I'm still convinced of this but I thought I'd do it anyway. What else am I going to do on a train to work when the WoW server is down and internet signal limited? (Who said read a book you geek?)

Anyway, I'll occasionally update this with whatever I can think of, random thoughts, rants stuff that's took long to put on twitter or too meaningful to put on Facebook.

I won't pretend I think I'm particularly interesting, I don't even find myself that! But I can be occasionally amusing. I've even had a whole 2 articles published on (out of about 562 attempts!) if you care to have a gander, I may even use this blog to vent a few of the rejected stories as, let's face it, I thought they were ok even if people who know what they are talking about didn't!!

I work as an analyst for an insurance company, once again not going to propel me up any 'must follow' or 'most interesting' lists. I'm a self proclaimed geek (plus a few people in school may have mentioned that fact, but that was years ago) and happy being so, but this is the internet so I'm hardly going solo on that.

If anyone does read this I can also be found on twitter (@andrewdrisc) where I post largely inane things to by huge and loyal following of about 6 people (once you remove all the spam).

Anyway that's all for now, the train just pulled into sunny Pontypridd so it's time to gawk at the locals.

You stay safe internet

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