Thursday, 23 September 2010

Let's get this straight from the start, I'm a simple guy when it comes to food. I'll try just about anything but my favourites always remain the same, and without fail their generally simple foods. Pizza, Burgers and the like.

Well today I was presented with the menu for my office Christmas party, what a pile of self satisfying pointless drivel. It was like the chef had a tug into a piece of paper and this was the mark it left!! I would have respected a menu saying maybe Choice of Beef, Turkey, fish or risotto for main course. But no, everything had to be embellished to the point where it sounded like random words out a Delia Smith best seller.

Now I'm sure when it gets put in front of me I'll enjoy it, the standard will no doubt he high, but ordering it took 3 visits to wikipedia to check what things were!

Now I know I'm being unreasonable... it happens, but why do posh restaurants over word everything? Do they think it throws up some air of sophistication? Do they think it makes them sound better, or set them apart from TGIs? Or is the chef trying to justify his no doubt high wages somehow? I'm no more likely to order something just cos it fills 3 lines on a menu. Pumpkin soup with cheese will sell to me just as well as Roast Pumpkin soup with <forgot the name of the posh cheese> , crusty croutons (not real wording) and almond oil.

I was just gutted I wasn't allowed the steak :(

There I feel a bit better now!

On a lighter note I just finished catching up on Series 4 of the guild which, although brief, remains an absolute delight! Bravo!


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