Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pay Day!

Woo hoo it's pay day! This signals a very special time of the month, there's a gap, not a huge one but a gap nonetheless, between the 28th (Pay Day) and the 1st (Bill Day)

During this little period it's like living in a whole new financial bracket, the bank looks healthy, you don't feel a sense of intrepidation on approach to a cashpoint. The bank itself saves a fortune on red ink, but it's not all environmentally friendly as they tend to use more black.

Then the first comes round... Direct Debits shrink the balance back to where I belong and things return to normality and instead of marching into <insert generic game shop here> and demanding a latest release, it's back to hanging round in the preowned section or gazing through the window longingly like Charlie Bucket in the Roald Dahl classic. Gamestation have asked me not to, apparently my saliva running down the window doesn't help their sales.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not on the breadline, work doesn't exactly pay me money I have to carry home in my diamond encrusted wheelbarrow, but it's enough (Anyone wanting to offer me megabucks leave a comment, I'll have my people call your people... OK I have no people but if it creates the right image I'll get my mum to call and pretend she's my PA).

Speaking of stuff I can't afford, has anyone seen the new keyboard add on for Rock Band? Looks mighty classy, but is weighing in at £110 with the game. Looks like it's going to be a choice between that and Natal/Kinect (£120). I'll prob go for the rock band, Kinect still seems slightly gimmicky to me, despite a wise mate singing its praises. Plus the other half (an accomplished guitar hero player herself will love it, as she's also a piano player!) The clincher would be releasing some Ben Folds for it. Do it harmonix, do it now!

Anyway, I better be off, it's getting to the busy part of the train route and some stinking hobo will sit next to me at any moment doubtless.

Catch ya later!

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