Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Life begins to end at 30??

Apparently, according to the BBC mid life crisis time begins in your 30's these days. That's a concern now isn't it. I'm 28, I think we can call that late 20's but am not yet feeling the urge to buy a motorbike and pretend I'm 18, but those urges may very well be just around the corner.

To be honest when I was 18 I never had half the interests that 18 year olds from round by me had. Yes I liked a drink, and girls but I see people of that age round now, and indeed then and I just think/thought, what's the fun in that?

I live in sunny(?) Merthyr Tydfil and one of the favourite past times for the teenagers is to sit around, in pretty high volumes, in car parks, in their cars (always pays to have a mate who can drive) and.... do nothing in particular as far as I can tell. I mean honestly, there's a pub over there, if you wanna sit and talk with bad music on in the background, do it in the warm and have a pint. That has to be better than sitting in a mid 90s Corsa with a bodykit and a pointless exhaust.

I was always happier inside, I'm not a poor outdoors person, I like running, I like outdoor events, I competed with 3 mates in the Velindre Excalibur Challenge this year and we came 3rd and I enjoyed every second (even when the fact my upper body strength is the same as a gnat was exposed) , even doing so much harm to my knee at one point it resembled a misshapen beetroot when I got home! I was going to do the Swansea 10k and Cardiff Half Marathons this year, but my appendix had other ideas and after a few complications I'm still not allowed to train (another few days, sorry velindre!), but I have ambition in the next year of posting around 45 minutes for 10k in a race and there's plenty of stuff I'd love to do. But I'm most at home, at home! 

I never wanted to hang round on corners or in bus stops, generally it's cold, why would I want to do that? I never felt the urge to cause trouble for the sake of it, it'd just come and bite you on the backside at some point, why give yourself the hassle?

But on reflection I was always quite unpopular and considered (fairly) a bit of a geek...

But back to the point, a mid-life crisis in your 30s just seems.. premature. I can honestly say I can't see it happening to be til at least 40/45 (should I start saving for the motorbike now?). I know a number of people in their 30s or fast approaching and they seem, generally, like well rounded individuals. There are some though that make me wonder.

In other news, i hear from twiter (@andrewdrisc) mince pies and Christmas decorations are already on sale in some shops. Now THIS is premature, it's September people for gods sake! It's almost like 2010 is having a mid year crisis.

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