Monday, 11 July 2011

Only gone and got married!

So, last weekend was a big weekend, a very big, life defining weekend.

Last Friday (9/7/11) my wonderful fiancée (is that the right one, I can never remember?? I suppose I wont have to from this point!!) got hitched in front of a MASSIVE crowd of 9 in the Kilvey Room of Swansea Registry Office. Everything went to plan, nothing messed up and even the CDs for the music worked. Magic!

From this point onwards I will be mostly wearing:

The wedding itself, as you'd expect with attendance not making double figures (by choice I'll add we're not hideously unpopular), was quiet and indeed most awesome! Lovely music (Pretenders - I'll Stand By You / Piano Players version of Everlong (Foo Fighters) / Ben Folds - Luckiest), nice setting and of course wonderful other half, who looked gorgeous. Not massive amounts of photos as the outside bit was windy as, but some nice ones. Decent grub after and a few pints. Good day!

The day after it was all action stations to set up the hall for the 'party' aspect, and once again was a cracking night. From my sister-in-law doing a Dolly Parton act, avoiding actually singing any Dolly Parton songs in the process, to seeing the pretty damn decent turn out. I even confirmed the fact that I'm almost tone deaf banging through half of Summer Nights and half of Gold!

Very notable part was though you realise you have some damn good friends and family, donations were generous but more importantly some of the stuff in the cards was pretty damn awesome. Some minorly bizarre (you know who you are!). If I wasn't a horrible heartless shell of a human, could almost had brought a tear to my eye, but I am so... Everyone will be getting thank you cards of course, but if you're reading this. Cheers guys, you rock! Me and Cer were very happy everyone came, joined in and enjoyed. Well I assume enjoyed, I don't people generally don't make that much noise if they're bored.

Brandy Edwards did a sterling pair of impromptu speeches (I promised him none, he was heckled up during the meal, then very harshly called up by my sister in the party, as well as covering the female vocal in Summer Nights when Cerys legged it) and the buffet was awesome, even if I ate hardly any of it. Yes you heard me right, you can put any 'yeah whatever fatty' jokes in the comment section.

People raved on about the royal wedding and it got so much blanket coverage that I got sick of it after 30 seconds. But wedding the like of mine and the 3 other mates I've got getting/have already got married this year happen every weekend. Smaller by a factor of 100,000,000, but honestly wouldn't swap a second of mine for the whole royal faff and bullshit.

The Ben Folds song was perfect to close as (even though I heard very little of it on the way out) I am the Luckiest!

Right enough of this sounding all soft and sentimental stuff. For my next trick I'll stop looking confused at the phone every time I get a text from 'Cerys Driscoll' before going "....oh yeah"

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