Monday, 13 June 2011

iTunes library

I've become officially bored with the music on my phone. There were 1100 songs on there, but due to me putting on whole albums, much of that was faff and below standard album tracks, so got skipped, with increasing frequency.

So last night, I took an hour, which turned into 3 and redid the entire library. Many of the same songs remained but there was a vast majority of stuff I've forgotten about, all in all it seems far more listenable (is it a word??) too. Sadly there was some casualty's in that some songs are forever trapped on my dead pc (working on getting it back to life), I need my Best. Concert. Ever (Jonathan Coulton), my Dr Horrible albums, my  Elbow album, even my solitary Glee song, but for now they're gone... (any donations to allow me to procure them via iTunes, my paypal is... JOKING)

Anyway, with some tinkering this playlist should be ok to take with me to Tenerife at the end of the week for my mates Stag Do. I'm also thinking of acquiring myself Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg as reading material, books 2 for £7 in ASDA, very affordable even middle of the month. Only downside was, there was nothing else in the paperback section I really wanted. Any recommendations, there's a comment box below, hit me up!

Anyway lunch time over, back to work.

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