Friday, 10 August 2012


Four n a bit years ago, I was lucky enough to become the father to a somewhat temperamental but all round awesome little girl that goes by the name of Gracie, increasing the family unit from 2 members to 3.

Well today the final increase took place and my son, Dylan TBC Driscoll (if I remember I'll edit in the correct middle name when decided) was born at 4:03 yesterday afternoon.

There they are, the Driscoll kids! Nice pose Gracie!

So far Gracie has been brilliant, despite a half arsed effort at holding him! They should be home at some point today and then the sleepless nights can start!

Job done on the kids side of things then...

I've had quite a strong reaction on Facebook/texts/etc, and would like to take this opportunity to thank whoever passed on their congratulations, I can't reply to all I've received, there's lots and lots of it and I get confused easy.

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