Sunday, 20 May 2012

What a moron!

And for once the carrot in question is me! I forgot to 'publish' this Friday so read it from the context of that day!

I stroll onto the bus this morning (Friday) brandishing the weekly 'Megarider Gold' ticket Stagecoach peddle me for more than it's worth each week. To my knowledge there's no MegaRider Silver, I think the name may just be pointless fluff to make them sound better than they are when 'Weekly' would suffice. I hold up, the same ticket I've been using all week, and the soon to retire (by the looks of him) bus driver calls me back, points out the back that the ticket expired some time ago.

Pointing it out is fine, but this old nob end decides to speak to me in a way I'd be embarrassed to speak to Gracie in. Bet he didn't consider the literally 9 hits this blog would get. Ha who's stupid now. Actually there may have been more people in the queue behind me than that...

I stand there confused, convinced that I bought it on Tuesday, but unable to deny the fact the ticket has indeed expired. With insufficient funds upon my person to get a ticket I'm forced off the bus and begin searching my stuff for the correct ticket. I was there Tuesday, I remember buying it. But the bus leaves as I head to a cashpoint to get ticket money.

Upon my return to the bus station i get a thought, an idea, just in the back of my mind. Where did I see a bus ticket? Open the front pocket of my faithful Targus backpack (with cushioned section for the very netbook that brings this blog to you) and low and behold, stoke the fucking crows, boil a bastard geordie, there is is all flat and shiny and expiring on 21/5.

Ha, fuck you old codger, told you I had one.

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