Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Inspiration! Or lack of it!

I'm usually full of ideas, other people would say full of quite a bit more too, but for now I'm sticking with ideas. These ideas are great until typically I try and do something with them, once I enter the practical stage things go tits up.

Sure, I come up with solutions for things regularly enough in work, but that's work, it's what I'm paid for and if I didn't come up with suggestions, I'd no longer be paid for it quite soon. I assume the sense of necessity helps drive the process.

However, when it comes to recreational stuff, I quite often draw a blank. My latest idea that I've done bugger all with is to set up some kind of website to handle satirical stories, either by myself or through submission, and lets face it that's one amazingly unoriginal idea, but I'd be good for my somewhat rusty and failing HTML/General design skills. Easy you may think, well so did I.

What point got me? What point did I find insurmountable? Naming it. I went to google sites and couldn't think of ANYTHING to call it. So my enthusiasm died and nothing got done. Pathetic!! I honestly sat there looking at a tint tiny text box that anted the URL that it'd use and froze. Hmmm...

I once wrote a shortish story, it wasn't great, the plot was painfully contrived but it wasn't the worst thing I ever read. What happened to it? I typed up half of it, maybe a little less before just stopping! No idea why, to this day (which isn't long, I wrote it about 6 weeks ago) the last 50%+ of the story only exists in an A4 pad I carry back and fore to work (did I mention I miss my netbook?) and will no doubt be lost/damaged before it ever gets saved onto hard disk forever. Not that anyone would want to read it anyway!

I did finish and put out (via this blog) a different unrelated, much shorter story which I quite liked, but thats personal bias no doubt. About 15 people read it and were generally positive though!

(Wow I just linked to myself, how sad)

I'm not really sure what causes this level of half arsed-ness in some of the things I do, but it happens!! Maybe I'm pushing a topic I can't be bothered with, but honestly I don't think so.

Maybe I'm just lazy!

If that site ever does get put up, I will of course let you know.

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