Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Roughly 1 year later...

This time last year (think it was January) I posted this:


Which has been described to me as a very frank and honest post about myself, it was even mentioned in my work appraisal! Well as much as January is the time for planning, December should be the time for reflecting, I've just read that post back and... Hmmm a mixed bag of results at best.

Let's start with positives! Oh yes fitness. Decent effort PB's at 10k and half marathon and big PB's too. Had a big stall the last 6 weeks or so with a broken arm but come March 3rd I'm confident I'll be capable of a sub 2 hour half marathon in Llanelli. Not bad for a fat asthmatic! Still plenty to do though, still fat but not as fat (my work pass photos were beginning to look like before/after shots). I was actually going to the gym today but mother Driscoll is coming down shopping and so I'm meeting her for lunch instead! Dedication!

On a personal level, good stuff. Child #2 (Dylan) successfully birthed and growing. I was actually fully aware of his existence at the point of the other post, but it was early pregnancy and we hadn't said anything to pretty much anyone, so me announcing it to the 24 (actual number) of people who read the last post would have been silly! I still have 2 houses etc and home like is still good (hi Cerys!), Gracie is doing well in school and dotes on the baby. No complaints there.

Ambition wise, not so great. My 'chance' to try out a senior role and then apply for it was a truly epic epic fail. Crashed and burned in style and what felt like my last chance to progress failed. I tried to join another department, bang in another fail, I tried to join another company... Hat trick! There's still a possibility going forward, but by now its pretty obvious where then problem really lays.

Am doing some courses though, maybe I'll learn something.

Don't get me wrong I don't hate my job and I work with some good people. Generally people who've been there less time than me and have passed me by though. There's even patterns in fractals (Google or listen too Mandelbrot set, Benoit has sadly left us though... Mandelbrot's in heaven..).

Writing wise, including this I've posted 40 times on here. That's not too bad. Some with decent number of views too!

As I said previously, all I can do is try and on times I've crashed and burned and on some things I've done quite well. Oh well power on!

The blogger app (still on the nexus 7, tis lush) just asked me to tag my location... Northern Europe was the best it could do... Don't think this pad has GPS but well done for trying! If you ever wonder where I am in the mornings, its easy there's only ever 2 possibilities, either on manor way while a stagecoach driver looks confused at traffic or on the A470 while some stagecoach driver looks confused at traffic. After Christmas I'm switching to train. I'll take overcrowding ahead of taking 2 hours to get to work.

EDIT: Sorry Nexus, you do have GPS. Should never have doubted you!

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  1. Again, I feel your pain. Well you were there to witness my many crash and burns in the very same company.

    I joined the company as a temporary stop gap between jobs and ended up there for just under 10 years. Not once did I get anywhere on the promotion ladder, but it was still a fun job and I really miss it at times.

    However, when you hit the promotion wall there, there is no way around it. I dont think its planned, but as soon as you have been seen to fail an application or two, it is basically game over. I joined our particular brand very early on and I trained many of the people who went on to be team managers and supervisors whilst not being good enough for the role myself.

    When I left I went to work in the Water industry and that was a massive crash and burn. They wanted me to fudge reports for OfWat and I wasnt willing to do that. They made my life hell, so I walked out just 3 months after walking in.

    Since then I have been working for myself. Its been a nightmare at times, but its by far the most rewarding - even though I'm just basically colouring in spreadsheets all day.

    My advice is to accept (a) that the path is blocked there (b) its not your fault (c) there are other companies out there who will appreciate what you have to offer.