Monday, 2 April 2012

I still hate looking for cars

I may have mentioned this before:

But the job of looking for a car has re-reared it's annoying head, the Fiesta I bought, hopelessly broken and returned to the garage a few weeks ago. Nothing against Jackson's in Caerphilly really, after the first annoying bloke they were nice to deal with and gave a refund with no quibbles when it became apparent the car was a prize box of bombs.

The weirdest part, they've clearly passed/sold the car on and as if by magic:

Here it is back for sale in Bridgend, be warned anyone wanting to buy YR03 WWZ... Don't! It'll fall apart in seconds!

Anyway, the search is back on, I'm off Fiestas after that little debacle and so am really down to 2 types of car I like.

The peugeot 307:

Nice car, looks nice the 1.4 diesel is cheap to tax, same as the fiesta was, but that model is next to impossible to find, especially on my kind of budget. The one above is a 2003 model, which is about the age I'd be looking at.

The rival is the Audi A3:

I saw one of these, a little over budget and with a chav'd out exhaust yesterday. Loved the red colour, the inside space and the layout. Downside was higher tax, the aforementioned chav'd up exhaust and they're generally originally company cars to the mileage is through the roof, but Audi engines were built to last so that's not bothering me.

I did see it in Trade Centre Wales, so chances are it was overpriced, but if I can find one... and it was a straight choice, I'd go for the audi in a heartbeat, such a nice car, and let's face it, the only time I'll ever own an Audi.

But now I can visits to forecourts and pushy salesmen ahead again. Can't wait.

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